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About what-is-crm.com

what-is-crm.com delivers an industry accepted and straight forward definition of Customer Relationship Management. The website also dissects the various types and market sizes for each of the primary CRM software sectors.

what-is-crm.com also delivers the top 5 CRM software solutions annually. This list ranks Customer Relationship Management products based on market share as measured on a global basis.

For a more detailed analysis on the Top 10 CRM software systems, we recommend CRMsearch.com's Top 10 CRM Report. This report is also independently produced based on objective data by experts and not influenced by vendors.

This year we added a Social CRM List and identified top social software solutions for sales professionals, marketing professionals and customer service professionals. We'll continue to update this list.

As Customer Experience Management (CXM) matures into a category of software products which support CX objectives, we will be creating a CXM list as well. We're hopeful this may begin next year.

To add some perspective to CRM challenges, and hopefully help remedy the long running CRM software failure problem, we append our site with the Top 10 Steps to CRM Success and our Top 10 Reasons Why CRM Fails each year as well.

This purpose of this website is to help CRM software buyers understand which software products are the true market leaders—irrespective of the hype and many vendor marketing claims. what-is-crm.com is independently produced based on objective data and the website is not affiliated with any CRM software vendor.

Thanks for checking us out and good luck in your CRM journey.





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